referrals & correspondence

For Doctors


Please ensure that a valid referral is provided at the time of the appointment to access Medicare rebates.

We can receive correspondence via the following secure methods:

Healthlink EDI - aproflau
Fax: 08 8317 5190

If you are requiring an urgent appointment, please contact the clinic on Tel : 08 8317 5300

Period of Referral

A GP referral is valid for 12 months. If you deem it appropriate for the specialist to continue the patient’s care for an indefinite period, please include these terminology ( indefinite period ) in your referral letter.

A specialist referral is valid for 3 months.

We will endeavour to remind your patients when they are in need of a new referral.

Referral Requests

Please indicate what kind of services you may be requiring. POTS MDA clinic, investigations, or cardiologist review. If you request only an investigation, we will forward the results to you for further management of the patient.

Referral Forms

Please click here to access a printable form.

To ensure Medicare compliance and to increase the security of your  patient’s information, we encourage these forms to be printed, hand signed and faxed to the clinic.

Referral pads can be obtained by email OR TEL: 08 8317 5300.

(08) 8317 5300